Advent Calendar

These days before Christmas can be hectic and sometimes our relationship doesn’t get much attention.  We are late getting started, but taking a cue from the Advent Calendar, we give you a list of an activity that you can do together with or for your spouse on each of the remaining days of Advent.

December 9.  As you are passing each other sometime today, stop and give each other a big hug.
December 10.  Take a few minutes together to talk about how you are preparing or need to prepare spiritually for this season.
December 11.  Share with each other the favorite Christmas gift you received from your spouse.
December 12.  Hold hands while walking somewhere together, in your home or in public.
December 13.  Watch your favorite TV show together.
December 14.  Do a chore that the other usually does.
December 15.  Tell your spouse why he/she is a gift to you
December 16.  Say a prayer together.
December 17.  Tell your spouse what you like about her/him today.
December 18.  Send your lover a “love” text.
December 19.  Rub your spouse’s back or shoulders.
December 20.  Give him/her a pat on the bottom.
December 21.  Say “Thank You” for something he/she did for you today.
December 22.  Relax and share a favorite beverage together.
December 23.  Make love
December 24.  Share with each other your favorite Christmas memory.



Today’s scripture readings, reflection and prayer:
Living Together in the Word

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