Dreams, Part 2

As we said last week, we are beginning another segment of dreams we have been creating for some time.  We had lunch or dinner the past week with many old friends.  Each of them in their own ways encouraged us to enjoy every aspect of this trip.  Some have traveled many of the places we have and shared their favorite memories.  Others said they wish they could go with us.  As we spoke with our wonderful neighbors who look after our house, all of whom are younger than we are, they told us we were their idols and hope that when they reach our age they will be able to travel and do service like we do.  The joy all of them spoke to us is tucked in our hearts as we travel.

We left home about eight this morning and are now more than half way across Nebraska.  As always when we drive we have good conversations, we sing, we pray, and have times of silence.  Today was no different.  We began the journey as we exited our neighborhood with a prayer.

As we were driving today and saw multiple towns of the same name in different states I ( Rita) was reminded of the thought that while we are unique, much of our lives as married couples is the same as others.  I’m sure the towns share those some qualities.  The towns have names in common but are different and yet there are likely some similarities.  We are always struck by this when we do marriage enrichment.  We tell our story and others find themselves in it.  While we are unique as a couple many of our life experiences with little nuances are the same as others.

As we drove across Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska we remembered other trips we had taken with our children and places we had stopped.  We even remembered finding Boekes in the parish bulletin in Grinnell, Iowa.  As we drove we remembered various people we had met during our years in Marriage Encounter.  We spoke of them and said a little prayer.  I also remembered many students who have graduated from various colleges and universities along the way.

Sometimes town names made us laugh such as What Cheer, Iowa and Beaver Crossing, Nebraska.  A chain of service stations had a name that would make teenagers roar with laughter because of its sexual connotation.  All made us laugh.  We listened to music and sang along to our favorite love songs and Peter, Paul and Mary.  (Yes we know we are telling our age.)  This morning, just before leaving,  I grabbed. a watch that is solar powered.  Since I haven’t worn it for a while it was not running.  After sitting on the dash for a while as I was driving, Bob put in on my wrist.  He was having difficulty doing the clasp.  When he finished I looked down to discover that he had put it on upside down.  (It was funny to us.)

Other towns and things along the way made us think of our children and grandchildren.  We found a town named Malcom and thought of Max. (His official name) Milford and thought of Leah and Nicole. (Their dance studio is there.)  BBQ places made us think of Elizabeth and in texting with her we decided that Jethro must be the uncle of Rudy (the place where she works.)

While the day was personal and many inside things for us we know that we aren’t unique.  We are sure that if you reflect back on things you have done together you too will find inside jokes, places will fill you with memories of others who have touched your lives.

Most of all we hope you will have a little fun dreaming together.

We will post more of our adventures next week.  We trust that you will have created memories of your own in that time.

(Bob) After a slow start, we reached the Interstate and from their the drive was mostly easy and relaxed.  We enjoyed salads (we brought the fixin’s) at a roadside rest area on I80. They tasted great, I think enhanced by being together, in no hurry, and sitting at a picnic table.

Since the traveling went so well, we are less than 300 mi from Denver and hope to do some sight-seeing and end up in Colorado Springs.  Then on to many other interesting places, before we decide to head back home.  Trips like this are always very special for us.  They allow us to enjoy being ourselves and being together.  As Rita said, more to come next week.


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