A Marriage is an Act of Faith

This past weekend we celebrated the marriage of our son, Matthew to Andrea Medernach.  It was a wonderfully spiritual ceremony followed by a great wedding feast.  It was my privilege, as father of the groom, to begin the wedding ceremony by offering a Call to Worship.  I would like to share it with you.

Good afternoon.  I am Bob Boeke.  I would like to offer you a warm invitation to this celebration in the names of Greg and Gloria Medernach , Rita and myself.  Most of all I welcome you for Matthew and Andrea.  They are very excited for this day and pleased that you are here to share it with them.

As I thought about today and its events, it occurred to me that it is special beyond the ritual of the ceremony, a ride (for some of us) on a party bus and a grand reception. There are many situations in scripture where Jesus commends people for their expression of faith as he proceeds to grant them their request.  A wedding is inherently an act of faith.  Two people express their faith, in God and each other, by speaking to God and all of us, their commitment and their conviction that the unknown future will be better together than it could possibly be apart.  After more than 2 years of getting to know each other, Andrea and Matthew have found joy and blessings in being together and each has come to realize that they cannot imagine their life without the other.

So today, in this beautiful House of God, Matthew and Andrea will eagerly stand before all of us and commit to each other and the world to spend their lives together.  Without knowing what the future holds for them, they are ready to take it on with hope and joy.  This is a great act of faith.

So my call to each of us is to rejoice with them in their act of faith and commit ourselves to supporting them in every way we can as they live their life together.

Thank you

We have just returned from the airport after dropping off the last of our guests.  It was a great family weekend.  As Rita commented on Facebook:

This past weekend was wonderful. Our youngest son, Matthew and Andrea Medernach Boeke began their “Forever and a Day” marriage. We were surrounded with family and friends. The magic of winter enhanced the day. The ceremony created the atmosphere for the reception which followed. Couldn’t have scripted it better if we had tried. The day was filled with the presence of God, love and support of family and friends and, most importantly, the aura of love that encompassed Matthew and Andrea.

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Today’s scripture readings, reflection and prayer:

Living Together in the Word

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