Why Get Married in the Catholic Church? by John Bosio

We recently became aware of a new article by John Bosio titled Why Get Married in the Catholic Church? available at ForYourMarriage.org.  John and his wife, Teri, are authors of Six Dates for Catholic Couples and other works.  The article is recommended reading for couples planning to marry and perhaps unsure why they should have a Catholic wedding.  Bosio offers reasons that get beyond the enticement of a beautiful venue and the presence of family and friends to the significance of Catholic marriage as sacrament and its invitation of God and God’s grace into the future life of the couple.

This article is also recommended for couples who are married in the Church and living a sacramental  life.  It provides a reminder, or perhaps a view to which they were never properly exposed, of the meaning and purpose of their marriage.

We particularly liked the quotes from married couples about how God’s grace is at work in their marriages and assists them through good times and bad.  That has always been and continues to be an important reason for us to be in this Sacrament.  So we will give you a couple of short quotes from the article and a link to the full article.

A husband married 43 years said, “I experience God’s grace in the love and support I receive from my wife. Her care and patience are gifts I do not deserve. They are grace.”

A wife married 20 years said, “There are times when we are having an argument and we go to church still upset with each other. We hear a reading that speaks right to us. We look at each other and smirk because we know that God has touched our stubbornness. This is grace.”

Marriage in the Catholic Church is attractive not only because of its meaningful rituals and traditions, but because of its impact on your life and happiness. Couples can fully appreciate its value they look at married life through the eyes of faith. Then you will see your wedding not as a one-day event but as the door to a great adventure that will last the rest of your life,…

We hope you will enjoy and be enriched by the full article.  Click here.

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