Why Married Sex is Better

We’ve been reading on various marriage topics recently.  Some of them will likely appear in our blogs in the future.  This one popped up on Rita’s web browser this morning.  We thought it was interesting and fun.  Redbook magazine printed an article, 25 Reasons Why Married Sex is Better. Of course we agree!!!  We randomly chose several on which to comment. 

5. The daylong foreplay
The touch in the kitchen, the look during carpool, the accidental innuendo that thankfully goes above your kids’ heads, the flirty emails — it all makes it so much hotter when you finally can get each other alone.

We can certainly attest to this one.  It is fun to think about it all day and Bob says it has messed with his productivity at work.  We have even used the car ride home to really begin things.  Maybe we should ask our kids now that they are adults, but we are pretty sure they never had any idea of what we were doing.

7. Sneaking is sexy
Stolen moments feel illicit and sexy, especially if you’re sneaking around while the kids are (briefly) napping.

We have great memories of a Sunday morning in our closet.  While some are coming out of the closet we went in to avoid children.  Having sex outside our camper as the kids slept and Rita was in panic mode about someone discovering us added to the fun. 

9. The beauty of quickies
Some sex is better than no sex. You can make up a quickie signal with your live-in mate and go at it during any time of the day or night, whenever the mood strikes.

Bob has said for a long time that this has been one of the greatest gifts of our marriage.  At times it provided surprising moments of closeness.

13. Laughing while lovin’
Before you really know someone, a bedroom snafu can be embarrassing. With your husband, you can try something and if it fails, laugh instead of feeling self-conscious.

The ability to laugh takes away the necessity to always perform.  Sex is what it is.  Maybe what you planned or thought wasn’t so important anyway.  We still laugh about sticking together in a 90 degree un-air-conditioned bedroom.  Then there were the satin sheets that were supposed to be erotic but we had trouble staying in bed.  The laughing brings closeness and more opportunities to try things.

18. Practice makes perfect
You have no reason to hold back. By now you’ve become one another’s gifted sex god and sex goddess.

Bob’s favorite line from just two weeks after we were married—the best part of marrying a teacher is that she makes you keep doing things until you get them right.  While there is no right or wrong in sex that is mutually satisfying, having sex with the same person over and over is perfect in our eyes. 

22. The post-coital cuddle
It never gets old.

These are the moments to reflect on the fact that you really are loved and puts meaning into the Biblical phrase “two in one flesh.”

25. Love tops all
Sex is always better and more passionate when you’re in love.

We have no doubt that this is true.  It is wonderful, fulfilling, satisfying, and spiritual to physically express your love with the one person that has shared all the other special moments of your life. 

What are your favorite reasons why married sex is better? We’d enjoy hearing from you in the comments.

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