Amusing Marriage Comments on a Rainy Day

Rita found these comments about marriage on the Woman’s Day web site.  We thought you might enjoy our excerpts and comments.  The full article can be found at Woman’s Day.          

1. Weird in-laws get even weirder over time. And your kids will inevitably inherit some of the traits of your weird in-laws. Got a nonstop talker? An attention hound? It’s probably not hard to figure out who she takes after.

Recently we were with a man who told us that he and his wife’s friends play a game to determine who has the weirdest in-laws.  We often joke about everybody having a crazy aunt.  We hope we’re not it.

4. There are two schools of thought on birthdays: the “it’s not a big deal” school and the “yay for meee!” school. The former gets a card. The latter celebrates the Season of the Birthday, which can go on for quite a long time, like Chanukah or Advent. Figure out which one you’re married to, and be ready.

We were raised in families in which birthdays were celebrated with the birthday person’s favorite desert at the end of dinner.  We adopted that in our family.  Now we sometimes go out to dinner or take time to do something special.  We don’t worry about whether the celebration of one of our birthdays is more or less elaborate than the other.  This year we spent Bob’s in San Antonio, since we happened to be traveling.  One year we signed the papers on the purchase of a new house on Rita’s birthday.  She says I’ll never be able to top that.

7. We all do stuff differently. You may be married to one of those guys who thinks that the way to wash dishes is to (gack!) soak them in a sudsy sinkful of water, then rinse them off. If this isn’t your way, it’s not worth arguing about it. Just be glad he’s doing the dishes.

When I (Bob) have dinner on the table and call Rita, she often stops to clear the kitchen counter first while I sit and wait.  I don’t say anything – I’m happy that she does the dishes and cleans up the mess I make while cooking.

8. Your husband really doesn’t remember your clothes. If you call attention to anything new, you’re a fool.

 My memory is so bad that I once sent Rita the same birthday card two years in a row (well it was a great card).  Of course, she remembered
10. Are you on the same page about the empty nest? If he loves the idea of moving to Florida for golf and the early-bird special and you’re all about salsa lessons and tickets to the Met, you’re in trouble. Either that or you’ve got to do what you’ve done so many times already: compromise. Go to the Met—but eat at 4:30.
We find this to be good advice.  When one of us senses that the other has stronger feelings about something we usually go with the one whose feelings are stronger.

These comments brought a smile to our faces, we hope they will do the same for you.
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