Looking Ahead to 2013

The holidays are over, family has gone home and returned to their own daily lives.  This seems like a good time for us to look ahead and lay out some plans for 2013.  2012 was very busy – we traveled, worked on writing projects, spent time with family and did some remodeling on the house.  We were away from home about 3½ months, some time with family, some working and writing, some vacationing and three weeks teaching in Haiti.  It was a good year, and productive.  We look forward now to another busy year.

Early in the year we are making plans to visit friends in Texas, whom we have not seen for some time.  We want to make it a year to work at renewing old relationships that have slipped for many years as we and friends went our separate ways and often very separate places.

Family is always in the plans.  At this point we expect to stay with some of the grandkids in Ohio for a week in February.  We will make trips to Connecticut and Chicago and have the kids/grandkids here at various times.  We always enjoy our time with them.

We are looking forward to the year as time to work on our writing projects and to expand our presence on the internet.  Our son, Michael, is helping us to update our web sites to make them more attractive and easier to navigate.  A former student has invited us to provide an interview and possibly some additional writings for web sites he works with and we will try to find ways to get our blog posts reposted or referenced on other marriage-related sites.  By the way, this site had over 5000 visitors from 105 countries in 2012. We hope to increase those numbers this year.

Rita’s main writing project is Together in the Word, a book of daily reflections and prayers for married couples, based on the daily scripture readings.  This covers a 2-year cycle and requires about 600 entries.  She is currently about half way through.  We are discussing how we might start making her daily reflections available on line in the next few months.

Bob is working on an exploration of the meaning of living the Sacrament of Marriage on a daily basis.  Rita also has input into this work.  It mainly needs editing, citations and preparation for publication.  We hope that it will prove useful and inspirational to married couples and couples preparing for marriage.  We hope to make it available on line, as well as in ebook  and paper formats.  Bob is also working on a memoir of his experiences teaching mathematics in Haiti, which will probably be available on line.

We have had some discussion with our pastor, Fr. Terry Keehan, about working together on a book for married couples.  It is mostly an idea at the moment, but we hope to turn it into something better defined and a work in progress as the year moves forward.  If you would like to help (and maybe be quoted), send us a comment with short responses to the follow:  How many years married?  Why did I marry her/him? Why do I stay married to him/her?

More involvement in Haiti is possible. Our experience of teaching there was very positive and raised some questions about teaching and learning in that environment that Bob, especially, is interested in pursuing.  We will be meeting with the vice rector of the university to explore what role we might play there in the future.  We have agreed to assist our friend, Fr. Med Laz, in starting a weekend retreat experience for people, especially retiring baby boomers, who would like to offer some of their time, treasure and talents to helping the poor.  It is called Journey to the Son.

Realistically, this is more than we can do in a year, but that is OK.  We hope to make good progress on some of it, but won’t have to worry about sitting around next year with nothing to do.  We are greatly blessed to have interesting things to keep us busy.

Please join us as we continue to comment on marriage in our own writings and on the writings of others.  We try to publish a new post every Wednesday.  If you are here for the first time, please check out our archives – we have over 80 posts to date.

We also look forward to comments from you.  Here is a place to share an experience, ask a question, or just respond to the ideas we post.

Finally, we wish you a great 2013, in your marriages and in all your relationships.  Enjoy!


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About Rita & Bob Boeke

Rita Boeke has experience teaching scripture and with her husband Bob has experience in enriching marriages through workshops and retreats. They post a weekly blog at thewonderofmarriage.com and co-authored Forever and a Day: An Invitation to Create a Marriage that Lasts a Lifetime.
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