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Music has been part of peoples’ lives for many millennia.  There are records of musical instruments going back to the Old Testament and the ancient Greeks and Romans.  We suspect that there have been love songs for as long as there has been music in human lives.  It is not difficult to find songs from the advent of recorded music, going back to the late nineteenth century.  For people alive today that would include the music of our grandparents for the older generation and great-grandparents for younger generations.  Rita found a web site that lists the names of love songs by decade, beginning with the 1890’s and up to today.

We want to offer you an exercise that we think should be fun. We suggest that you select a song from each of the decades, search for a site that can stream it or a video that plays it – some will be available on YouTube, for example.  Listen to the song together, paying attention to the words and their meaning.  Then have a discussion about how love was portrayed in song in that decade and talk about whether that has an meaning in your relationship.  You should find some interesting differences over the decades.  There is no requirement that you cover all decades in one sitting or that you limit yourselves to one song per decade.  We found it touching that the first song listed for the 60’s, our decade, was “our song.”  Find the list of songs here.  Have fun!

Let us know how it goes – please leave a comment.


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