Morning “Meetings”

We don’t usually like “numbered” advice for anything – “101 Tips…”, “7 Habits…”, “5 ways to…”, etc., but we are always looking for ideas that can make a marriage better.  This week Rita found an article – 7 Easy Ways to Get Quality Time Together in the Morning – with some interesting suggestions for starting your day together.  It is unlikely that any couple will find all seven ideas attractive, or even possible for their situation, but maybe you will find one or more that can add to the quality of your life together.

When we were teaching together we also commuted together, about 45 min each way.  It was a great time to have conversations of various sorts – what are a we doing in our classes today, our commentary on the news, vacation planning and sometimes more intimate conversations about something that was bothering one of us.  On occasion we also prayed together.

Some time ago we began to walk and lift weights and often exercised together.  It was a great time to talk and enjoy each others’ presence.  Eventually we separated our walks because I could naturally move faster than Rita and wasn’t getting good exercise.  I do miss the time we shared. We still lift weights together and sometimes I walk with Rita just to have time to visit.

We have also found that a romp in the hay in the morning when we are both fresh can be a great way to start the day.  When we were working, weekend mornings were our time to sleep in and wake up slowly.  If one of us woke up before the other we would pick up a book or crossword and wait.  Sometimes we worked a “quickie” into the morning of a work day. It was a great help in keeping us close in spite of our busy schedules.  Now that we are retired, we no longer worry about the day of the week.

We hope you find something in the article that will help you to stay connected, in spite of your busy schedules.

Read the article.

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Rita Boeke has experience teaching scripture and with her husband Bob has experience in enriching marriages through workshops and retreats. They post a weekly blog at and co-authored Forever and a Day: An Invitation to Create a Marriage that Lasts a Lifetime.
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  1. Schalk Lubbe says:

    Thanks for sharing, Bob & Rita. We’ve been married for 31 years and have had a very good time together. Because we both work and commute to work in different directions (as well as at different hours) doing the morning romp in the hay for us is limited to weekends. But I agree fully – whenever we do it (which is not nearly often enough) it just seems that the day is more bearable.
    I think it is really a pity that the effort to “earn a living” so often removes the very life from our marriages by making us so busy that we don’t have time to spend together. I seriously believe that’s why there are so many cases of people end up being unfaithful to their spouse – because we spend more time with colleagues than with our spouses.
    This is why an article like this one – which shows people some simple ways of being able to spend time together – is so important.

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